Synthetic high performance chain oil

Examples of Application
·  Conveyor chains in stenters and drying frames in the textile industry
·  Conveyor chains in paint shops
·  Stone wool and glass wool production
·  Lift chains in high level rack storage facilities
·  Production of dipped latex rubber gloves
·  Drying ovens
·  Shrink tunnels
·  Machines in bakeries and the beverage industry (filling)
·  Machines in the printing industry
·  Lubrication of steel ropes

·  Very good penetration properties into the lubrication spots of the chain
·  Outstanding corrosion protection and high resistance to washing off
·  Does not form any critical residues
·  Adhesive, no spin off or drip off
·  Low evaporation even when subjected to high temperatures
·  Resistant to hot and cold water
·  Guarantees an economic and efficient lubrication of chains over a wide temperature range
·  It is adhesive and provides excellent wetting and penetrating properties into the chain
·  Adjusted to the BECHEM chain cleaner Berusynth CC 100

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature up to +250 °C
·  Appearance : light yellow *
·  Denomination acc. to DIN 51502 : ANELP 250

Approvals / references
·  H2 registered


Base oil


Density at 15 °C

g/cm3 0.938

DIN 51757

Kin. viscosity at 40 °C

mm2/s 250

DIN 51562

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C

mm2/s 24

DIN 51562

Viscosity Index


DIN ISO 2909

Pour point

°C -45

DIN ISO 3016

Flash point

°C ≥ 250

DIN ISO 2592